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Living Well is a certified, validated medical product that provides mental health support to patients who have recently been diagnosed with cancer or are undergoing treatment.

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Our comprehensive program

Living Well helps you cope with the challenging thoughts and emotions that can arise after diagnosis and throughout treatment.

It contains numerous lessons, exercises, and educational materials to help reduce stress, anxiety, and the symptoms of depression related to the diagnosis and treatment of cancer.

Living Well can help you take care of your well-being and support your recovery process.

Aims to help you

regain control over your thoughts and emotions

Gives you tools

that will help you cope with life post-diagnosis

Improves your life

by enhancing its quality as well as your emotional functioning
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What do I need to use the program?

You can use Living Well on any smartphone with iOS or Android operating systems. You just need to download the app from either the Apple App Store or Google Play.

To be able to use the app, you will need to receive a unique code that will allow you to log in.

Fill out the survey to try Living Well at no cost:

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Read what other patients say about Living Well

A wonderful application that encourages you to work systematically. Despite the fact that there is still a lot ahead of me, I can already feel its influence on my life. I want the app to be with me through the entire recovery process.


I felt calm while using the app, it was a time just for me. It felt like talking to a psychologist or a coach.


The app is very helpful. It helps you manage your emotions. The split of the lessons into days motivates you to use it every day.


I look forward to each new day because I know that I will hear something positive and that I will feel that I am in good hands, safe and that I will get support.


How will you use my data?

The data is stored and processed in accordance with the highest standards in data security and protection for medical devices (please see our Privacy Policy below for detailed information). The application does not collect clinical data or personal information. The data will be used only to analyze how the app is being used and to increase its effectiveness.

Is the application validated and safe?

Living Well has been created by an international team of clinicians, psycho-oncologists, psychiatrists, and experts in user experience and game design. 

The app's program is derived from Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), one of the most effective, scientifically validated approaches in today's psycho-oncology. Moreover, the app's effectiveness is continuously assessed through clinical trials, real-world data, and user experience analyses to ensure it delivers the support needed. 

Living Well is a CE-medical device with proven quality, safety, and data security. The data is stored and processed following the highest standards in data security and protection for medical devices to ensure patients' data is safe and only available to authorized users.

Please see our Privacy Policy below for detailed information.

I would like to give it a go. What do I do now?

Please fill out the survey to receive your free 7-day trial access to the app.

If you find that Living Well is beneficial for you, contact us via e-mail at to discuss access options.

Don't forget to sign up for our newsletter below to receive relevant information on Living Well's latest features and capabilities.  

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