Access to patient data for 360-degree cancer care

Utilize our solution's capacity to gather patient data in their day-to-day environment to drive your decisions and provide data-informed care.

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Guided by HIPAA and FDA regulations in the US
Class I medical device aligned with the European MDR 2017/745
Products designed and developed in accordance with ISO 13485 [Medical Device Quality Management System]
Following the highest standards in data security and protection (ISO/IEC 27001, EU GDPR)

The benefits for pharma

From the moment of diagnosis, Living Well provides validated psychological support to cancer patients while restoring their well-being and quality of life. Gathering patient-reported outcomes throughout the journey, in both clinical and real-world settings, ensures better-tailored treatment and more comprehensive patient care while delivering substantial value for pharmaceutical companies. 

Holistic care for enhanced patient experience

A deeper understanding of the patient journey allows for crafting more comprehensive options for patient needs and preferences due to:

  • Leveraged access to unique data on patients' engagement, treatment progress, outcomes and side effects
  • Customized care experience

Increased sales, profits and opportunities

Data-driven decision making leads to optimized portfolio and product development, enhancing overall market appeal through:

  • Possibility of customizing the solution or joint offerings for powerful synergy
  • Solution's contribution to delivering 360-degree care for partners

Market differentiation and partnership opportunities

Provider-centricity and leadership in innovative, comprehensive patient-care attract partners, driving new cooperation and revenue opportunities due to:

  • Solution's capacity to streamline provider care
  • Establishing long-term sustainability in healthcare delivery

“Doing more for patients by expanding our partnerships with providers of support services that can help make a difference in patients’ lives is of the utmost importance to us. We believe that there is still a high unmet need for mental health support services and that Prosoma is the right partner to help reduce the mental burden for patients.”

Martina Witzel, PhD

Head of Oncology Germany, Daiichi Sankyo

What does Living Well stand for?

Globally recognized by healthcare providers and professionals, Living Well is widely recommended to cancer patients due to its extensive benefits for both sides.

Reliable self-care support

  • Aims to reduce symptoms of cancer-related distress, anxiety, and depression, and to improve treatment adherence, overall outcomes, and quality of life
  • Scientifically grounded approach based on Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy and patients' lived experiences
  • Proven effective through clinical trials and Real-World-Evidence data
  • Tailored to the individual needs and progression of each patient

A comprehensive solution whose program is explicitly designed for cancer patients

  • Therapeutic content of 22 CBT-based lessons on topics like managing stress, anxiety, and depression; breathing exercises, mindfulness practices, and healthy habit-building techniques; knowledge library, patients' stories, and more
  • Emotion and stress monitoring tools to observe progress and identify problem areas
  • Online sessions with certified health coaches for patient education, motivation, behavioral support, treatment adherence and progress monitoring

Patients voluntarily prolong engagement with the solution beyond the recommended program duration.

  • A unique combination of a digital program (mobile app) and personal support (health coach) for a powerful synergy
  • Engaging content and animated features, including a supportive avatar, interactive mood tracking, meditation guides, daily planning and exercises, patient stories, and more
  • Designed by experts in psycho-oncology, CBT, UX, Data Science, motion pictures and game developers to ensure program's frequent use, completion, and high user retention

Active users after 42 days
(6 weeks)

Those who would recommend to a friend

Wide range of indication

  • Suitable for adult cancer patients who are undergoing any type of cancer treatment or in recovery
  • Addresses diverse languages, genders, cultural backgrounds, visual impairments, literacy and motor skills, and coping skills for anxiety or depression
  • A private, self-care option for patients who are hesitant to share mental health struggles with a professional or group
  • Time-framed and available on-demand throughout the patient’s journey, as a standalone intervention or an addition to existing mental health care

“The Living Well app differs from the other ones because of its therapeutic and resource-oriented approach. The app is based on the evidence-based approach of cognitive behavioral therapy. It uses this standard, but goes beyond to include a variety of elements for coping with illness and strengthening personal resources.”

Christa Diegelmann

Dipl.-Psych., researcher, author; ID Institute for Innovative Health Concepts, Germany

Reliable solution, scientifically-validated

Living Well is currently undergoing Randomized Controlled Trials (RCT) in the US, Germany, and Poland. The program is also continuously tested through Real-World data analyses.


of users with a clinically significant decrease in anxiety*


of users with a clinically significant decrease in depression*


of users with high baseline distress levels reduced to no risk levels in distress*

Statistically significant increase in positive emotions, and decrease in negative emotions*

*RWE analyses | **Randomized Clinical Trial; a comparison of results between the experimental group and the control group





Patients see the value in our solution

Our Real-World-Data confirms patients' regular usage and highly positive perception of our solution.

Active users after 28 days
(4 weeks)

Active users after 42 days
(6 weeks)

Active users after 56 days
(8 weeks)

Those who would
recommend to a friend

“When patients are using Living Well App, I can see the progress and how they change and how much better they handle the adversities related to cancer treatment. Living Well promotes scientifically validated behavioural change interventions that help them follow their treatment, enjoy a healthier lifestyle and improve their quality of life.”

Mariusz Wirga, MD

Medical Director, Psychosocial Oncology; MemorialCare Todd Cancer Institute, US


See how Living Well changes the lives of cancer patients

Trusted by healthcare organizations around the world. More partnerships to come.


How pharma benefits from Living Well

Living Well and Daiichi-Sankyo Germany

Daiichi Sankyo partnered with Prosoma to pursue innovative, patient-centric cancer care. Together, they promoted Living Well to oncology communities through various marketing activities, including Continuing Medical Education (CME) training, where over 400 doctors participated, that focused on raising awareness on the significance of mind-body treatments for cancer patients and educating the market. Living Well's value was highlighted, emphasizing its 360-degree patient care.

The results

  • Strengthened the market image as a patient-centric and innovative company
  • Enhanced value and differentiation of portfolio products
  • Increased physicians' and providers' base; strengthened relationships
  • Increased number of Living Well's users
  • Access to valuable patient data

“Living Well's ability to engage patients in its active utilization also benefits providers, allowing them to access unique data, track patients’ mental health progress, and manage care respectively. It is, therefore, more than a mere digital solution. It has the potential to support individual patients while optimizing healthcare systems’ overall effectiveness all at the same time.”

Prof. Tit Albreht, MD

WHO Consultant, President-elect of the European Public Health Association; one of the leaders of the European cancer policy, Slovenia

Compliant with the highest standards of quality and data security

Guided by HIPAA and FDA regulations in the US
Products designed and developed in accordance with ISO 13485 [Medical Device Quality Management System]
Following the highest standards in data security and protection (ISO/IEC 27001, EU GDPR)
Ongoing DiGA submission in Germany
Class I medical device aligned with the European MDR 2017/745
DTx adoption; following the psycho-oncology standard of care for e-health in Germany (S3 Guideline)

Various partnership models available

  • The data-centered model - based on patient data collection and data-driven analytics for deeper understanding of the patient journey, improved features, and comprehensive patient care
    The marketing model - based on joint activities regarding educating the market, establishing desired market image, building relationships, etc., via methods like CME trainings, events for patients and doctors, and doctor education programs
  • The patient drug add-on model - based on implementation of the solution to patients as an add-on to conventional drugs which allows for more comprehensive care and better understanding of adverse effects
    The distribution partnership model - based on joint participation in tenders, synergizing product portfolios, and creating patient-centric collateral for increased sales opportunities and revenue share

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