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Living Well - our first app is here!

A comprehensive programme supporting the mental health of female cancer patients.

  • Based on clinically validated therapeutic methods
  • Includes broad elements of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
  • Created by world-renowned psycho-oncologists, psychotherapists and patients
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Living Well


Find out more about Living Well and how it can help you manage your emotions, reduce the levels of stress and support you through your cancer journey.

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Living Well


Find out more about how Living Well can help your patients, help you in your day to day practice and what scientific validation lies behind the programme.

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Experts about Living Well

Cancer doesn’t only affect the body but also the mind, so for patients to receive truly adequate care - it is necessary to add a psychological dimension to the care they are receiving.

Dr Ewa Wojtyna

I strongly believe that Living Well is innovative, supportive and that it provides excellent opportunities for patients to manage their own feelings and emotions and thus improve the course of their overall treatment.

Tit albreht
Dr Tit Albreht

Living Well promotes scientifically validated behavioural change interventions that help cancer patients follow their treatment, enjoy a healthier lifestyle and improve their quality of life.

Dr Mariusz Wirga

Despite major advances in overall cancer treatment, many patients continue to experience significant distress. We need to offer patients help before their psychological concerns reach the crisis stage, as this may negatively affect their overall recovery and response to treatment.

Dr Christa Diegelmann
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About us

We’re digital therapeutics innovators reinventing healthcare. At Prosoma, we believe that breakthrough digital health innovations are not meant for the future but rather the present.

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We develop a portfolio of digital therapeutic medical software products that cover the entirety of behavioural treatment needs of cancer patients.

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Our clinically validated digital therapeutics platform will be shortly prescribed by doctors and therapists in Germany as a DIGA*, and it will be reimbursed by the local healthcare system.

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We aim to become #1 global digital therapeutics solution for oncology and we have a pathway to get there.

Our Team

Marek Ostrowski
Chief Executive Officer
Andrzej Jończyk MD
Chief Executive Officer at Prosoma US
Piotr Grudziński
Chief Executive Officer at Prosoma GmbH
Prof Ewa Wojtyna
Chief Scientific Officer
Wojtek Bieroński
Chief Product Officer
Jakub Kuziela
Chief Financial and Operating Officer
Ema Kufel
Co-founder CEO UK
Ula Głowacka
Senior Product & Research Designer
Dr Anna Anzulewicz
Head of Product Research
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"Mental health is a prerequisite for overcoming the disease."

Germany differentiates lifestyle applications from medical applications by calling them DiGA, which is an abbreviation of Digitale Gesundheitsanwendungen,

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Daiichi Sankyo Germany demonstrates Commitment to Patient Centricity by Partnering with Prosoma

Daiichi Sankyo Germany seeks to support cancer care in a collaboration with Prosoma

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Prosoma and EVERSANA Announce Commercialisation Partnership

for New Therapeutic Supporting Mental Health and Behavioural Needs of Cancer Patients

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